The Original Haunted Hayride!

The Original Haunted Hayride will top all others!

 Come ride  through America’s most horrifying woods, on what the independent website, has called “one of the best we have ever been on” including a graveyard they called “absolutely amazing.” With gigantic sets and a twisting, disorienting trail, you’ll see why  we were recently named Hayride Of The Year and the all new 2018 production of the  Original Haunted Hayride will top all others!

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The Facility Extreme Zombie Maze 2018!

Welcome to the Facility!  Bio-Hazard!

Genetically engineering your safety for the next millennium. Through our Genesis Program we have turned the Zombie nuisance into a benefit for the whole human race.  Through Gene Mutation and Cell Manipulation we have successfully engineered a new generations of undead Tactical Infiltration Units superior in all aspects of combat!

Or so we thought……. Now the super undead have broken loose and you are the next target! Can you make your way out of the Facility! 

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We're Back! ScaryTales is back for 2018! All New! Your favorite wicked characters are back with a VENGEANCE! The Madd Hatter! The Muffin Man! The Tweedles and a slew of haunted horrific Twisted FairyTale characters for your screaming pleasure! Are you brave enough to make it through The ALL NEW Scarytales!

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The Operation Z Compound is on lockdown and taken over with hordes of zombies ! It's up to you with an elite group of Special Forces Soldiers to break into the compound, get the power station up and running , sneak into the Contaminated Chamber and control the toxic gas leak, maneuver through the deadly laser fields and  secure the compond and then attack and destroy the zombie hordes head on. Or is that all that has taken over the compound? Combining Escape the room with Live Action Paintball. Can you Escape  OPERATION Z LOCKDOWN ADVENTURE! 

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